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All driving licenses have an expiration date, with professional class licenses being 5 years and the rest being 10 years. However, there are exceptional cases, such as being over 65 years old or presenting a health issue that could affect driving. If you don’t know the expiration date of your driving license, just look on the back: that’s the deadline by which you will have to stop driving if you haven’t renewed your license.

At San Juan Group, we handle both obtaining and renewing different driving permits. We process all the documentation without you having to go to the Provincial Traffic Headquarters, and no photo is required: photos are taken on the spot and sent electronically to the DGT.

Frequently Asked Questions about License Acquisition or Renewal

Essential aspects before renewing your driving license

You can submit the renewal request 3 months in advance of the expiration date of your permit, but if you want to advance the renewal, there’s no problem, as it comes into effect at the same time the previous validity expires. If your license has expired, it’s essential to know that you can’t drive, so you should renew it as soon as possible.

How do you renew an expired driving license?

It’s most common to renew directly at the Medical Recognition Center where you are going to make the precise psychophysical aptitude report for the renewal. In any case, no examination is required, only pass a medical examination.

What is needed to renew the license?

At the recognition center itself, you can carry out the entire process to renew your license. It is only necessary to accredit your identity and residence with original and valid documentation (ID or passport) and present a Psychophysical Skill Report issued by the Driver Recognition Center where they perform the medical examination.

If you are a European foreigner, a residence permit will be necessary, or the ID of your country or Passport along with the Registration Certificate in the Central Registry of Foreigners. If you are a non-European foreigner, you need a Residence Authorization.

How long can it take for the new permit to arrive at home?

Normally, you will receive your new license at your home a month and a half after completing the renewal procedure. However, for three months you can drive with the temporary license, which will be given to you at the moment you complete the procedure at the medical center. Keep in mind that the temporary license is not valid for driving outside of Spain. If you are going to drive abroad, you must request the International Permit at any Headquarters or Traffic Office.

What other recognitions do we offer?

Firearm License

Nautical and Sports Medical Certificates

Private security certificates

Certificates for handling dangerous animals

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